From Japanese Fields...

Japanese Farmer Fashion was featured in ORIGAMI, An Asian and TransPacific lifestyle magazine.

Vividly of Niigata JAPAN has re-envisioned the monpe wear for a modern generation. And now it is catching on as street fashion and outdoor wear in the Pacific Northwest.

For centuries, female farmworkers in Japan have worn a loose-fitting style of clothing known as monpe. The style changed little over the decades.

The durable, loose-fitting clothes and cuffed pantlegs are perfect for skateboarders.



to American Streets

Monpe Fashion Hits the PNW

When Vividly released its Monkuwa farmer fashion products in Niigata, the clothing line was an immediate hit with people in the farming industry. Japan is still home to many small family farms, and often those farms are tended by the women in the household. Daughters starting giving mothers Vividly's Farmer Fashion clothing, and the mothers loved the new look.

When Origami got a glimpse of these updated monpe clothes, we immediately saw the connection with US hip-hop and street culture. Baggy, comfortable, and colorful, these clothes are made for an outdoorsy, active lifestyle. They are practical and stylish. They breathe in the summer and retain heat in the winter.


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You can also buy these items at two stores in Seattle.


1501 Pike Place #329, Seattle, WA 98101


Kobo Shop
604 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104