Monkuwa Outdoor Pants Mint


Soft Polyester Taffeta Outdoor Pants

Color: Mint

Size: M/L/LL/3L

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Outdoor pants that protects the safety of the wearer with an eye-catching color.
The high-density polyester taffeta is soft and does not make the noise of rubbing the fabric like conventional nylon fabrics.

It is UV-blocked and water-repellent, and gently protects it from wind and dirt.

By arranging mesh material on crotch part, heat is released and air swelling is prevented.

The hem has rubber squeezes in two steps to block the ingress of dirt such as sand.
Deep large pockets on both sides make it easy to use and support outdoor activities.





SIZE: inch



  • UV processed fabric
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Mesh on crotch part
  • 2 pockets

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M, L, LL, 3L


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